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Row material received for inspaction. Then sample selected and analyzed for cables production. After analyzed results compared with acceptance criteri aad this material lot send to production or customers. Remaining rejected lot decide on desposition. To become preferred Supplier of Applience and Auto Mobile sector. Our company is provide all type of High Quality manufacturer of Power Auto Cables and Cable Services and best quility auto products supplying manufacturing company for customers safety. For this, our products pass through a seriese of testing and inspaction procedure at various stages of our process.


Our Production Process


machine 1

“Fully Automatic Cutting and Crimping machine”

machine 2

“Automatic Push Pull Tester(crimp load tester)”


machine 3

“Semi Automatic crimping machine with CFA”

machine 4

“Pneumatic Crimping Machine”


machine 5

“YP Machine”

Products Realization

Production Process

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