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MilleniumIndia Auto Founded in 2010 is auto Products Manufacturing company with you, for you and by you. Our Company has provided high Quality Manufacturing Auto Products. To become prefferable supplier of Applience and Auto Mobile Sector. Our company to Provide end to end harnessing solution with Design, Development and Manufacturing Facility in most Echonomical way and our company is obtaining ISO 9001-2001 certificate and presently fulfilling documentation and standard products process system as per customers needs. Previously having an experience of trading auto products from last 7 years and that inspired him to start manufacturing of all kinds of auto products cables. Our company in hardworkng professionals work to get the most desired results of auto prducts for you at very affordable and convenient rates. We are completely client driven company. Our client is first and foremost priority while working on any manufacturing Auto Product cables. Also Provide all type of High Quality manufacturer of Power Auto Cables and Cable Services and best quility auto products supplying manufacturing company for customers safety. For this, our products pass through a seriese of testing and inspaction procedure at various stages of our process. we will maintain a friendly fair, new ideas of creative and hard work invironment.



To Provide End to End Harnessing solution & Control panels with Design,Development, And Manufacturing facility in most Economical way.


To become preferred Supplier of Automation & Automobile sector.


QMS Status

Presently fulfilling documentation + Process system as per customers needs
ISO 9001-2015

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

“We are MilleniumIdia Auto products commited to deliver reliable products through proven process at resonable cost.”

Quality Checks

Quality Checks

“Crimp Height Monitoring/ Pull load testing . As per the standardisation of applicator. Hourly basis, start and end of each batch. Patroling inspation for process flow.” 100% continuity testing of wiring harness.

Quality Assuarance

Quality Assuarance

“Inward inspaction. In process quality checks. On line pre-control chart. Visual and dimansionaly checking. Process validation - All production processes. Packing validation. Doc Audit.”

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